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Above listed price is for one time setup on your servers. Check additional items for further options.

We offer to have it with a stock theme or custom designed theme inline to your brand.

NOTE: To facilitate your concerns we offer to install this service on your maintained servers. However should you require us to handle all your server maintenance for the hassle free operation than request for the custom quote in comments section

Additional charges may apply for any additional options related with this service.

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We can host or setup a mining pool for your PoW blockchain which will be based upon nomp and its forks with the choice of your choosing front end;as follow:

  1. NOMP
  2. UNOMP
  3. MPOS

few characteristics of our forks are:

  • Fast, Secure and Reliable – For the pool server it uses the highly efficient node-merged-pool module which supports vardiff, POW & POS, transaction messages, anti-DDoS, IP banning, several hashing algorithms.
  • Automated payouts – so operators need not worry about payment.
  • Fully Customizable Template – Utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap, the front end can easily be customized to your needs and taste.
  • Pool profits – are sent to your personal wallet, not stored on the server – giving hackers little reason to attack it.
  • Reliable Database – few forks runs on a REDIS database instance. This allows for great scalability and handles large data transfers with ease.
  • Anonymous Mining – No registration/login system, non-security-oriented miners reusing passwords across pools is no longer a concern with NOMP & UNOMP

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